CRUZ Tequila began several years ago as a quest to create the finest tequila on the market.

The goal was to create a uniquely smooth, delicate flavor with a quality refined enough for sipping.

Years of research and development, along with generations of tequila distilling expertise, have created these exceptional, award winning tequilas.


CRUZ Tequila may have had destiny on its side since before the idea sprouted up, as brother Pep and Saulo Katcher, were introduced through mutual friends, to Todd Nelson in a Mexican train station in 1987. Their friendship continued and in 2005, along with a group of lifelong tequila fans, they were sharing a bottle of their favorite spirit at Pep’s home. That particular bottle, while highly

recommended, was underwhelming at best. Nelson put forward the idea that, “we could make better

tequila that this stuff.” Saulo went inside and called their cousin Ramon, who works in Jalisco in the

tequila industry, to ask him what it would take to create their own brand. Ramon offered to introduce

them to his industry contacts down in Mexico. As Saulo shared his conversation, wheels started turning around the type of tequila they would create if they could.


The three friends decided to take Ramon up on his offer and so started their pursuit to build a world

class tequila, designed for an American palate, offering exceptional quality and a tequila experience like no other. Over the next three years, they learned how to bring their vision into reality, learning

distillation techniques, studying the history of tequila and journeying back and forth to Mexico countless times to create CRUZ’s unique profile.


They chose the highlands region of Jalisco for its superior agave as well as Pep and Saulo’s childhood and family heritage in the area, and built a great partnership with a distillery owner, who supplies the estate grown agave from his hundreds of hectares of agave fields. The distillery property also includes the original 100+ year old hacienda, which has been partially converted into Cruz’s tasting room.

Saulo moved his family to Mexico and hired a master distiller, as part of his oversight of processes and

production of CRUZ Tequila, using the proprietary recipe which they had developed.


They developed the unique package for CRUZ Tequila and designed its artisan bottles, which are made from 100% recycled blown glass, as well as the metal crosses and caps in Guadalajara, Jalisco

The handcrafted bottles are carefully filled, assembled and labeled at the distillery, and each blown glass bottle is individually hand numbered.