HOW TO ENJOY CRUZReidel Ouverture Tequila Glass

The proof is inside the beautiful artisan bottle. To taste the difference, pour ½ an ounce of CRUZ Tequila into a glass (ideally the Reidel Ouverture Tequila glass). Swirl it to let the oxygen unlock the bouquet and flavors. Notice the aromatic scents from the glass before sipping. Then take a very small sip, taking the time to feel the taste on front of your tongue and in the back of your palate as you swallow. Be warned, if you are looking for “the bite”, you simply won’t find it here.

Cruz Tequila Tasting Notes

CRUZ Silver Tequila

Created using only blue weber agave plants from the highlands of the Los Altos region of Jalisco, CRUZ Silver Tequila is slow cooked in traditional brick ovens for days before the juice is gently extracted. The juice is naturally fermented and double distilled using a proprietary process. The result is a blanco tequila with a pure, agave flavor, a rich crystal color with a creamy finish. Note the delicate earth tones, a crisp sweet orange citrus flavor, balanced with spices and a warm finish.

CRUZ Reposado Tequila

Resting in oak barrels for 5 months softens the agave flavor as the tequila ages, and draws out color and the smooth mellow flavors of the whiskey which once inhabited the barrels. Note the sweetness of the agave is still present on its floral bouquet, and the flavor has been imprinted with the subtle flavors of caramel and vanilla for a very smooth, soft finish.

CRUZ Anejo Tequila

CRUZ Anejo has been aged for 16 months in new American oak barrels. The result is a rich bronze color with a sweet, aromatic nose. The taste delivers light hints of brown sugar and sweet oak with a lingering gentle finish. Less than 730 bottles were produced in 2013.