Cocktail Party Bombshell: Stay-Slim Tactics, Tasteful Mixers And Spirits Are In Vogue This Holiday Season

For the hosts and strategic party goers who enjoy cocktails that taste great but are searching for natural, lower calorie options, the team at CRUZ Tequila and Irony Labs present delicious solutions: the Calming Cosmo™, Recovery Rita™, and Mighty Mojito™. “These cocktails are confirmation that healthy can taste good,” remarks Pep Katcher, President of CRUZ Tequila. “Pairing our award-winning spirits with the world’s first all-natural, stevia-sweetened cocktail mixers from Irony Labs, has been incredibly successful.” Learn more and view the online release

Experts From Southwest Share Tips For Picking The Best Tequila

"As seasons change our audiences have been asking: How they can pick the best tequila for their holiday gatherings," remarks Joseph Daigneault, chef, author, Emmy award winning host, and certified tequila aficionado. "Our advice: the colder the weather - the darker the tequila. It is simple, in the summer or warmer climates we recommend Silver in a block of ice with Sangrita or in margaritas because it is light, clean, and crisp. In the fall and spring, the best choice is Reposado - once again in ice, which is more mellow and rich.  Learn more and view the online release


National Tequila Day Sets Global Expansion In Motion For Award Winning Spirit

With the global launch in Canada set for National Tequila Day on July 24th, the kick off of the expanded partnership with Republic National Distributing Company across Texas, and recent addition of the gold medal at the 2009 San Francisco Spirit Competition's to their collection, it is safe to say that the CRUZ del Sol Tequila (CRUZ Tequila) family is enjoying another productive year.  Learn more and view the online release


Football, Sunshine, and Ultra Premium Tequila Top Nation's Search Engines and Sales

Football fans across North America will be arriving at or tuning into this year's Bowl Games in record numbers and the CRUZ del Sol Tequila (CRUZ Tequila) family is pleased to announce that their national product launch with Binny's of Chicago, will now support game festivities from coast to coast.  Learn more and view the online release


Premium Spirit Announces Record Sales And National Presence Following Launch At Luxury Resort

The most recent example includes the hosting of an exclusive premier for their award-winning spirit and signature drink at Windows on the Green, the renowned restaurant located at the AAA Five Diamond Phoenician resort in Scottsdale. With more than 125 distinguished guests in attendance, CRUZ Tequila also reported a staggering 286 percent sales increase for the summer, a successful precursor to the introduction of their premium spirit to a national audience on November 24, 2008.  .  Learn more and view the online release


First Premium Tequila In Arizona To Win Back-to-Back Medals In 2008

"On behalf of the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, I want to thank the CRUZ Tequila family for entering this year's program" remarks Carol Seibert, Managing Director for the competition. "There were more than 800 spirits from 63 countries making this the largest competition in America, and we are pleased to add Cruz Reposado to our list of 2008 winners." Learn more and view the online release


Redefining Premium Tequila During The Week Of Super Bowl XLII Is Serious Business

Despite projections of 120,000+ combining ticket and non-ticket holders, significant pre-game activity, and their exclusive taste testing events at this year's Super Bowl XLII celebrations - the principals of CRUZ del Sol Tequila (CRUZ Tequila) have remained focused on the launch of their premium spirit. As a result, CRUZ Reposado that has been kept in oak casks and made with 100% pure blue agave is capturing attention at a national level.  Learn more and view the online release


Premium Tequila Company Celebrates The New Year And Signs On With National Distributor

"Our group undertook best in brand evaluations, hands on operational selections, and fully understands what recent news - detailed by USA Today and regarding counterfeit tequila would mean to the industry as well as our clients," adds Todd Nelson, Vice President of CRUZ Tequila. "Today we can say, the group's dedication was a solid investment. Our all natural, exclusive double distillation, and special filtering process yield a very smooth, soft flavored tequila that we are very proud of." Learn more and view the online release


CRUZ Tequila Joins The 2008 Super Bowl XLII Program Slated For Arizona

"We are excited to have our premium tequila aligned with the 2008 Super Bowl and the countdown events that will lead up to the greatest football game on the planet," states Joseph Katcher, President of CRUZ Tequila.  Learn more and view the online release