While the main goal of Cruz was to create an unparalleled, smooth tasting tequila for sipping, the masterminds behind this tasty adult beverage have concocted a list of amazing drinks for you to experience. From the perfect margarita to the southwestern mojito, there's something on the list to please everyone's palate.

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More of a visual learner? Step into the video recipes section where the lovely ladies of Cruz educate you on how to make the perfect margarita.



The proof is inside the beautiful artisan bottle. To taste the difference, pour ½ an ounce of CRUZ Tequila into a glass (ideally the Reidel Ouverture Tequila glass). Swirl it to let the oxygen unlock the bouquet and flavors. Notice the aromatic scents from the glass before sipping. Then take a very small sip, taking the time to feel the taste on front of your tongue and in the back of your palate as you swallow. Be warned, if you are looking for “the bite”, you simply won’t find it here.

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